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Ideology and Reality

Most of my political friends are disappointed with my current politics. The ones on the left think I’ve become a neoconservative, abandoning my younger anti-war sentiment. Over on the right they are impatiently waiting for me to give up on … Continue reading

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Some Resolution on my Resolutions

Now that the summer is almost over (summer for me begins with spring break and ends with the first snowfall at the end of the year) I feel an urge to start blogging here again. I have been a bit … Continue reading

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I’ve had it with 20th Century Technology

I have four new year’s resolutions, all internet related. – get rid of my land line – drop cable tv – stop home delivery of the paper – kill my email My cell does a much better job than the … Continue reading

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Here I Go Again

It’s seems like only yesterday I stopped posting at my old blog, intending to take a few weeks off before beginning again with a fresh perspective. That was three years ago. Well, what can I say – things happened. And … Continue reading

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