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Ideology and Reality

Most of my political friends are disappointed with my current politics. The ones on the left think I’ve become a neoconservative, abandoning my younger anti-war sentiment. Over on the right they are impatiently waiting for me to give up on … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage in the USA

Here’s a great story by Molly Ball on The Atlantic’s website: The Marriage Plot: Inside This Year’s Epic Campaign for Gay Equality After 31 consecutive defeats gay marriage finally won voter approval in four state referendums last month. Maine, Maryland and … Continue reading

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Four More Years, but When?

I still like Obama. As I said last January, I hope he gets another term. Maybe not the next one, however. Like Steve Jobs in 1985, Obama’s career path could do with a bit of failure right now. And it … Continue reading

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Good politicians

I’ve added Chief Justice Roberts to the list of statesmen I admire. At the top of that list is MIchigan’s governor, Rick Snyder. (Couldn’t let the month go by without a post.  Should have more to say soon, maybe.)

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Evolution and Morality

A very large part of science, and philosophy in general, is speculation: Coming up with a hypothesis; proposing or refining a theory. Observation and experimentation to refute or confirm that speculation is what makes up the rest of the scientific … Continue reading

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Wildrose in Alberta?

At some point capitalism is going to be replaced by socialism. The erratic and ever changing value of money, and an honest day’s labour, will finally become so infuriating we will replace our exchange and accounting systems with one based … Continue reading

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Ideas on Coal

“Demon Coal” a two part radio programme on Ideas, from the CBC, starts tonight at 9 pm. It was produced by my friend, Max Allen, and examines the consequences, here in Ontario and elsewhere, of shutting down all of our … Continue reading

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