Here I Go Again

It’s seems like only yesterday I stopped posting at my old blog, intending to take a few weeks off before beginning again with a fresh perspective. That was three years ago. Well, what can I say – things happened. And as indicated by the title above, procrastination is a vice I often enjoy.

Or was I simply waiting for the right moment?  Sometimes delay is the wisest course of action. That will be one of the themes of this new effort. Timing is everything.

So, to recap: My name is Jim Monk and I live in Belle River, Ontario. I’m a retired autoworker, a former AIDS and gay rights activist. For most of my life I defined myself as a Marxist and a socialist. I don’t use those labels now and will sometimes joke that I’m a recovering leftist. I’ve done my bit, and no longer feel the need to save the world. I do have a some suggestions however, if you are interested in that kind of thing.

My old friends are worried I’ve become a neo-conservative. Not really, but I can see why.

While I still believe socialism is the next stage of human civilization, I’m not so sure we should try to shorten our current capitalistic adolescence.  I suspect the eventual social evolution/revolution will be influenced more by political movements in the centre-right, such as the American tea parties, than their far left counterparts, like the Occupy movements.  More on that later.

As I hit my 60th year, I find myself more of a centrist, while still drawn to contrarian perspectives, and I’m quite willing to embrace the contradictions. Call me a libertarian socialist, or simply an eccentric.  I don’t seem to fit on the left – right spectrum anymore. Does anyone?  We all seem to be adopting ideas “from the other side.”

I’ve got a few ideas I want to discuss here, mostly about democracy in Canada, the US and Mexico. In addition there will be the usual blogging about daily life: current events, diet, exercise, computers, books, and other sundry items.  All of this is for the benefit of the several dozen people who know me and might be wondering what I’m about these days. But then that’s what I intended last time, when I was surprised to find a larger readership, and several new friends. I wouldn’t mind if that were to happen again.

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