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I’ve had it with 20th Century Technology

I have four new year’s resolutions, all internet related. – get rid of my land line – drop cable tv – stop home delivery of the paper – kill my email My cell does a much better job than the … Continue reading

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Evolution and Morality

A very large part of science, and philosophy in general, is speculation: Coming up with a hypothesis; proposing or refining a theory. Observation and experimentation to refute or confirm that speculation is what makes up the rest of the scientific … Continue reading

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Ideas on Coal

“Demon Coal” a two part radio programme on Ideas, from the CBC, starts tonight at 9 pm. It was produced by my friend, Max Allen, and examines the consequences, here in Ontario and elsewhere, of shutting down all of our … Continue reading

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The Corruption of Science

If partisanship has had a corrupting influence on democratic government, it has been a disaster in the realm of science, and especially so where the two domains intersect. By partisanship I’m not talking about advocacy or devotion to a cause, … Continue reading

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