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The State of the Presidency: Obama v1.3

I enjoyed watching President Obama’s state of the union speech last week. I watched it again the next day with a poli sci student who had to write a paper about it. When I went looking for a copy of … Continue reading

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Changing Parties

Lise St-Denis, the Member of Parliament for Saint-Maurice – Champlain, has “crossed the floor”, joining the Liberal Party in the Canadian House of Commons.  She ran and won the last election as a New Democrat. An editorial in my morning … Continue reading

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Democratic reform

What’s the next stage in the evolution of democracy? You might question whether democracy needs to evolve. There is a view that the status quo is good enough and that there isn’t a need or much room for further improvement … Continue reading

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Here I Go Again

It’s seems like only yesterday I stopped posting at my old blog, intending to take a few weeks off before beginning again with a fresh perspective. That was three years ago. Well, what can I say – things happened. And … Continue reading

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