Ideas on Coal

“Demon Coal” a two part radio programme on Ideas, from the CBC, starts tonight at 9 pm. It was produced by my friend, Max Allen, and examines the consequences, here in Ontario and elsewhere, of shutting down all of our coal fired power plants.

Judith Curry, of Climate Etc., is one of the interviewees. She has a post about her participation here.

In 2012, we find ourselves in a position where the IPCC consensus is being challenged, particularly on how the climate might vary during the 21st century. The key scientific issue being debated is the relative magnitude of the human impact on climate, compared to natural variability. With regards to dangerous climate change: there is the growing realization that we have just begun to scratch the surface in terms of understanding the benefits and dangers of climate change in the context regional vulnerabilities. And finally, the precautionary principle has led us to focus on policies where the negative economic impacts of the proposed energy policies are arguably worse than what the policies are intended to prevent.

Update:  The podcast is already available, for free, on iTunes.

Demon Coal, part 1

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